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At State to State Freight Brokers, we invested years of research and money to understand the daily grind of a motor carrier. We understand that your efforts directly impact the entire cargo traffic process. We provide same day pay options to assist with immediate working capital and have acquired the necessary financial resources to reinforce our appreciation of your hard work. Securing dedicated lanes that entail loads for you that are a no brainer is our commitment to you with the caveat of dissolving any dry haul issues you may currently have. Become a Preferred Carrier of the most innovative brokerage firm in North America.

Join State to State's Preferred Carrier Network

Join State to State Freight Brokers as a Preferred Carrier to benefit from preferred lane selections, no dry hauls and great rates that include bonus incentives on select routes. Loads are brokered and tailored exclusive to your operation which means no more bidding wars and the means to transport consistent freight.

Opportunities for Multiple Modes

Our Authority unveils multiple modal options for your business to thrive. From general freight, construction, paper product fresh produce, building material, mobile homes, logs, poles, beams, lumber and more. We are here to be the platform utilized to propel your business to excel in a vast range of products and industries in every region of North America.

Relationships of Cooperation

We take the dreadful tasks of finding loads and the hassle of negotiating a fair rate as "just another day in the office". You will have the best negotiators in the industry going to battle for you so that you can concern your operations on timely and safely transporting cargo.

Load Options

Our expanding shipper portfolio offers you a variety of Dedicated lane opportunities for your transport logistics operation. Take the wasteful one-way load options that barely pay for fuel off your schedule and secure a much more profitable business with no Dry Hauls and Better Rates.

Superior Freight

With a growing stable of shippers State to State Freight Brokers can provide consistent loads for your fleet and drivers. We offer our Preferred Carriers dependable loads on their preferred lanes. No more critical thinking over loads you know are not good for the business.

Financing for Quick Payments

We understand the costs of operating a business. This is why the use of a Quick Pay option has been extended to help ease those financial strains that present themselves on occasions. State to State Freight Brokers offers you the way to get paid for all of your timely and safely shipped loads within 24 to 48 hours.

Leading-Edge Technology

With the help of some of the industry's latest technology, you will be able to login to your carrier portal where your drivers and dispatchers can view and update tracking information, access their scheduled loads, upload documents, and manage payment requests on demand.

Exceptional Service

The success of your carrier logistic operation is our first priority. Our Preferred Carriers understand the meaning of, "Dispatch Feel with Broker Authority." Transport with a broker that you can rely on. Benefiting from a dedicated team working around the clock to empower Your business is a no brainer.



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  • Every invoice is subject to a freight bill audit.

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